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Our Mission

Our Community. Our Way.

MOSAIC Collective provides workshops, training, and events to create conversations in our community that spark change.

MOSAIC’s mission is to combat trauma and oppression through art, storytelling, self-expression, and education.


MOSAIC is a social enterprise business that is geared toward creative ways to engage Black Girls, Women, LGBTQ, and other historically marginalized communities.

Our mission at MOSAIC is to provide tools to aid in safety, healing, and liberation.

Our programs consists of education on  advocacy, art, community outreach, trauma informed care approaches, and personal development.

MOSAIC envisions a world where we uplift, protect, and rejoice in the lived experiences of Black, LGBT communities, and other Underserved Community Members. 


MOSAIC's vision is to provide tools and a platform for our community members to learn skills in visual art, spoken word, storytelling, organizing, and aid in personal development. 


MOSAIC envisions transforming the lives of as many people as possible here in Michigan and across the nation. 


MOSAIC's vision is to create a Multi-Cultural Community Center to promote self-expression as well as development in students and young adults. 


MOSAIC envisions creating mutual aid funds, mural projects, and initiatives that allow us to dream big, shift power, and restore hope!


MEET OUR Founder

Nicole “Kqueen” Denson is a Mother, Organizer, Artist, and Business Owner. 

“Kqueen” defines herself as an unapologetically Black, Queer Woman. 

Nicole is an Artist, Healer, and Community Engagement Strategist. Nicole Denson was born, raised, and currently resides in Detroit. She is a daughter and mother whose family fondly describes her as intelligent, kind, eccentric, and quirky. Her hobbies drive her creativity through poetry, visual arts and body movement, gardening, cooking, napping, ancestral reverence, and crystal healing. Nicole has championed campaigns such as #Metoo, Women's March, #Muterkelly, #Stopthebans, One Fair Wage, and Reproductive Freedom For All. She has also become recognized as an expert in developing advocacy services focusing on intersectionality for trauma survivors.

Nicole Denson is the daughter of a father who was a General Motors Assembly Worker and UAW Organizer and a mother who worked in Medical Care and Social Work from the South. As migrants from the south, Nicole’s parents traveled to Detroit for better opportunities. As a child, she remembers stories from her parents of the horrors of surviving segregation, jim crow, the murder of Emit Til, and the 1967 riots. Experiencing trauma and violence living in Detroit fueled her fight for change. Growing up as the only child to escape the abuse, she would hide in her room and create. She would sing, listen to music, write, paint and create a world where she belonged. Growing up, Nicole was incredibly shy, compassionate, and protective of her family, plagued with substance abuse issues and domestic violence. Nicole Denson decided to push past her fears and fight for the rights of other trauma survivors. Nicole has advocated and fought for crime victims within our criminal legal system, informing best practices and protocols nationally.  Nicole honors the work she provided daily for the Wayne County Prosecutor's Office to aid the 11,341 survivors whose sexual assault forensic examination kits went unsubmitted for testing in Wayne County, Michigan.


 Nicole in 2017, joined the Women’s March Detroit Host Committee and assisted in mobilizing millions of people. Shortly after the convention, Nicole was appointed Vice President of Women's March, Michigan. During that time, Nicole also organized and led the #MuteRKelly campaign in Detroit. This Campaign led to a collaborative Anti-Rape Campaign and a signed resolution from Detroit’s City Council to no longer extend support for R. Kelly coming to Detroit. Her campaign strategies have engaged millions of people via Colorlines, HBO, Lifetime, Netflix, and the Washington Post. Nicole is a contributing author to Aishah Shahidah Simmons’ book “Love With Accountability,” where she details her journey through experiencing sexual violence toward activism and truth. Nicole is releasing her upcoming poetry book, “Free Spirit: A Black Girl's Guide to Surviving and Thriving.”


Detroit Choice Award

 Motor City Pride Vanguard Honoree Award


 Black Women's Roundtable

Community and Leadership Award 


Wayne State University Law School’s Damon J. Keith Center for Civil Rights

 DEAL 5 Fellow



Crime Victims Rights Week Award



National LGBT Town Hall: State of America Panelist


Mute R.Kelly

Founder and Co-Producer



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Meet The Team

Our Clients

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